Powder coating

Powder coating refers to the process of applying a free-flowing dry powder onto an item using heat. Unlike conventional liquid paint, powder coating is cured under intense heat to give it a hard wearing, durable and smooth finish. YPC have invested in the best powder coating equipment available, offering our customer an unrivalled powder finish and all round service.

Sand Blasting

For items that are already powder coated but need to be restored, we also offer a sand blasting service, which allow us to blast the powder coating off back to the original metal, ready to be re-coated. This is a great option for restoring an item to its former glory, and can remove problematic areas of rust and corrosion.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Damage to Alloy Wheels is a nuisance and can have a major impact on its value of your vehicle, not to mention the impact it has on its overall appearance. YPC (formerly NY Customs) offer full alloy wheel refurbishment at affordable prices, repairing damaged or chorded back to their original factory finish.

Scuffs, scratches and chips - refurbishing your wheels is much cheaper than buying new ones and increases the value of your car. Whether you have a family saloon, hot hatch or a supercar, our pricing is based on the size of the wheel and the finish, not the vehicle itself, so you can rest assured you will always receive the best price for our refurbishment services.

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